Cityville Game Guide Collection

I will start including some simple guides, tips, and pointers to the facebook online game Cityville. I hope these tips may help new or old players alike. If you have other information or comments. Please feel free to leave them as comments!

Enjoy my posts~

Overall and Leveling Up Strategy
Cityville Leveling and Building Beginning to End-Game Strategy
Ways to Get EXP in Cityville
Play Cityville like a Pro
Tips to Cityville Expansion
Cityville Leveling XP Chart
Cityville Current Max Level Limit
Why Leveling Up is Necessary in Cityville

Building Guides
Always Connect Your Business and Housing Buildings in Cityville
Cityville Tips to Increase the Payout of Your Buildings
Cityville City Housing Building Collections List
Cityville Business Collections List

Decoration Strategy
Guide to Cityville Decoration and Payout Bonus
Cityville Arboretum Optimization

About Goods and Money
Ways to Get Goods in Cityville
Wither Time of Crops in Cityville
Maximize Payout on Cityville Concentrated Decoration Strategy
How much Cityville land dedicated to Farming to Have Enough Goods
The Best Way to Spend Cityville Cash
The Worse Use of Cityville Cash
Rotate Cityville Boat to Improve Pier Goods Gain

SkyBlue's The Best Of Citiville Guides
Cityville Crop Farm Goods Ratio and Best Crop Explained:
Cityville Best Storage Building Explained
Cityville Best Housing Building Explained
Cityville Best Business Strategy Guide
The Best Decoration Analysis in Cityville

Franchising Tips
Your Franchise Business Type Strategy in Cityville
Get Franchise in Cityville Fast and Easy
How to level up Franchise Star in Cityville
Cityville Max Franchise Limit
Build More Franchise Than Your Max Franchise Limit
Getting Cityville Free Energy and Goods By Maximizing Franchise

Social Tips
Complete Guide on Visiting Neighbor’s Town Fast in Cityville
How to Get More Cityville Neighbor
High Reputation Player on Your Team in Cityville
Cityville Visitng Neighbor Bonus Guide
Tending Neighbor’s City is Not Worthwhile at End Stage
Farming Crops to Take Advantage of Multiple Neighbor Helps
Importance of Cityville Reputation Level
Organize Awesome Cityville City for Your Neighbor

Bugs and Glitches
Beware of the Goods bug in Cityville

Other Tips
Dealing with the Annoying Franchise HQ Building
Cityville Review – Why It is the Best Game On Facebook
Never Pay for a Cityville Guide

Latest Update Reactions and News
Cityville Level Cap Raised on 12/17 to 60!

Quick and Short Answers
Cityville Friends Ladder Disappear:
Cityville Quests: Item Not Counting Towards Requirement
Cityville Make the Road Connect Across Train Track
Not Receiving Quest Items for Completion
Is It Necessary to Make Cityville Citizens Happy:
Why did you not receive Penthouse Tower

Special Events
Complete List of Cityville Xmas Gift Event with Drop Rate


  1. This was extremely useful ESPECIALLY on: Cityville Max Franchise Limit. I noticed you had nothing posted on Community buildings... care to share your insights if any? =3

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! I did not write for the community buildings. That's one of my later projects!

    You did not have follow enabled on your blog or else I would follow ya too!

  3. I've not added anything new on my blog in SO LONG anyway >_<" I wanted to add you to Facebook but your FB email's not anywhere... feel free to add me though... I'm using my MSN email which is on my blogger profile, if you can see that ^_^;;

  4. This is really awesome. Thanks for sharing all these tips!!

  5. Can you tell me how to get the park plaza decoration? I've done everything else and I do not understand this task. Also how long will I have to plant wheat to get the white chicken in order to trade wheat collection?

  6. I would be interested to purchase your Facebook game guides. Please contact me.

  7. i accidentally erased my commuity building how can i recover it? is there a chance?

  8. Wished the data was up to date..

    Some useful advice though, hope you keep it up!

  9. Thank you so much for the wealth of information it so informative and very useful. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


  10. Dude,.,.,.ur advises r 2 much good,.,.and although my lvl. bcoms 38 in less dan 1 week,.,.but unfortunately bcoz of the stupid pop up zoning permit menu,.,i've just click it accidentally & my 28 citycash was ruined,.,.is there a way 2 get it bck....:(

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