Dealing with the Annoying Franchise HQ Building

Dealing with the Annoying Franchise HQ Building
Move the tall Franchise HQ building to the far top left border of your City. Doing this will enhance your game play. You will no longer be blocked with your stupid big building. I personally have a 10 or 15 stories HQ building. Originally I placed it near my busy location, but after 1 day or two I moved it.

I find Franchise HQ building worthless and pointless. You can access HQ menu quite easily. So forget about putting it there. And if you do, move it to the rural area of your City!

Worst Business Strategy for the Bored:
Tower Eats: This stupid building should only be considered as a status symbol. It has a ridiculous amount of investment ratio where you have to collect business rent 1000 times or more to get back your cost. You should only get this building if you are at really end game where you have more money than you could ever care for.

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  1. You don't have to build the HQ buildings, you can leave them in your inventory (or remove them and they will go back into your inventory.)