Guide to SkyBlue Game Blog

Guide to SkyBlue Game Blog
I love playing games. I love writing. I have decided to write about gaming which I love while making some money. The purpose of the SkyBlueRPG game blog is doing just that.
I keep a tab on the latest games. I write my first hand strategy guide and tips for playing. I conduct research from various online and in-game resources to come up with strategies that people can employ and enjoy. Most of my posts are original thoughts that are not just some simple rewriting of articles in which you see on the major article sites such as Squidoo or Hubpages.

Because my time to play is quite limited due to real life work and girlfriend bonding time, I typically can only fully cover one to two games. Below are some guides to how my blog is laid out and how you can use it:

Games Currently Covered as of 12/22/10:
Cityville: Level 34 with next expansion requiring 16 zoning permits. I lost track of my expansions.
Monster Galaxy: Level 10 Lainedeer as Top Moga with 9 Mogas in team.
Crime City: Just Starting with the game
Market Street: Level 34 with My Girlfriend’s Facebook Account.

Free to Use Guarantee:
All of my game guides, may it be Facebook social game, Console game, or MMORPGs, are absolutely be free for you to read and enjoy. You will never have to pay any money to see any of my latest and newest contents and opinions. I just ask that if you like what I wrote and you benefited from my blog. Please generously donate a small amount of money that you see fit. The money that you spend will be put into creating better gaming guides.

Location of Guides:
For topics regarding specific games, I typically group them within separate posts. You can access my MMO posts in the past from the top center buttons. You can access my majof Facebook social game guides collection on the menu to the left or from the top center buttons.

Charts and Ratios:
I generally only include the ratios which I think is the most important when it comes to planning. If you are interested in seeing more ratios that I do not cover, leave a comment on the post with your email address. I may send you the excel sheet that I used to recreate the tables of ratios and you can build upon it.

Regarding Comments and Questions:
If you have any qustions or comments regarding the game that I am currently focusing on, simply leave comments on those specific posts. I read my posts daily and I will be able to help you and verify your questions, given that I am that far enough in game yet. Because I play at various pace depending on life situation, sometimes I play more, sometimes I play less.

If you have comments about the games that I am not focusing on, I will only answer those selectively because most likely I do not know the answers my self due to the lack of playing and keeping myself updated.

Donations made to me will be used for in-game cash use. If I do have more gaming fund, I can afford to write more about the effiency and use of cash items offered by game companies. As it stands now, I have trouble feeding myself sometimes, spending real money in games is out of the questions until later.
If you want to see some research done about specific games, make the donations and make a comment on the post about what you want to see done.


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