Be Careful When You Spend Real Money on Facebook Games

Be Careful When You Spend Real Money on Facebook Games

Spending real money on Facebook games are great to boost your leveling speed or appearance . This is more or less paying for power as commonly known in the Free 2 Play MMORPG world. However, make sure you follow these tips before you start spending real money.

1. Check for Offers
Most game companies have offers with third parties that will give you free in-game money. If you do not really want to spend money for in-game cash directly, check out or test out these offers. You may find something that you needed while getting the in-game money that you wish.

2. In-Game Money is Never Refundable (Usually)
Before you take out your credit card, know that anything you spend on is never refundable once the charge goes through. If you go the route of stopping payment or challenging charge from your credit card, be prepared that your account will be permanently banned from credit payment disputes. Game companies are not nice guys that will let you keep what you have once you have been banned.

3. You DO NOT Own the Virtual Items you “Buy”
Anything that you “buy” in game is still the property of whichever company that you bought the virtual item from. Meaning that anything you “buy”, you are in effect loaning them from the game companies. If you look closely into the terms and conditions, you will find that as the common phrase in any of the online game companies that you deal with. Although this is a legal way of game companies to protect themselves from gold farmers or cheater who cash out, it also limits you to never be able to cash out your in-game assets with real money by trading with another player (legally).

4. Addiction
Because Cash items will most times overpower the regular items that you can get naturally in game. You may actually develop a habit of spending real money in games. If you let the habit grow, spending real money on Facebook can become a dangerous habit that can be categorized as addition. Be very careful about that.

5. Do Not Spend More than You Can Afford
This goes hand in hand with spending money on Facebook games as an addiction. You should never spend money that you cannot afford. Once you charge those credit through your credit card, most likely the money is gone for good forever. You do not “own” the items yet you will be liable for all charges. Always always only charge what you can really pay off, do not let those impulse purchases add up on your credit card.

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