Monster Galaxy Guide Collection

I will start including some simple guides, tips, and pointers to the facebook online game Monster Galaxy. I hope these tips may help new or old players alike. If you have other information or comments. Please feel free to leave them as comments!

Enjoy my posts~

Monster Galaxy General Guides
SkyBlue’s Easy Monster Galaxy Walkthrough Guide
Monster Galaxy Beginner Tips
About Whistles in Monster Galaxy
Nap Time of Moga Depending On Their Levels
How to Get Blue Coffee, Starseed, and Whistile in Monster Galaxy
How to Add or Change Your Moga Team in Monster Galaxy

Leveling Up Your Mogas
Thoughts on Leveling Efficiency for Monster Galaxy
Monster Galaxy EXP Leveling Chart

Fighting and Battling in Monster Galaxy
Monster Galaxy Beginner Fighting Guide
How to Attack First in Monster Galaxy

Catch and Master Mogas
List of Mogas in Monster Galaxy
How to Catch Lainedeer in Monster Galaxy
Moga Appearance List in Monster Galaxy 1
Moga Appearance List in Monster Galaxy 2


  1. Is there anyway I can restart my account from scratch? And, if not, are they're any Facebook games similar to this one?

  2. I believe at the moment you cannot restart other than creating a new facebook account. The dev team released some notes about possibly adding that later...but who knows when it will be implemented.

    And no, based on my facebook experience, Monster Galaxy is one of a kind as it right now. There are some other RPG's with pets system but they are less popular.

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  4. Yes, the Miscrit, is a very similar game. But the monster are most ugly.

  5. where to find the hole that the scientists said!!!!! pls help me

  6. cannot open monster galaxy on facebook!!help!!

  7. you should join if you havent already..good site forums and what not games plus when you play this game you get gold to spend on gaiaonline if your FB and gaia account are linked.

  8. @Anonymous, here's how to restart your account for monster galaxy in facebook
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    hope this helps

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  10. I there any way to restart monster galaxy game in faceebook

  11. ‎An error occurred with Monster Galaxy. Please try again later