Nap Time of Moga Depending On Their Levels

Nap Time of Moga Depending On Their Levels
Moga completely recover their HP and Ability points when you put them to nap in your home base. The amount of time that they spent napping is dependent on the Mogas level.
This blog post will detail the amount of time needed for Moga to nap before they completely recover their health and ability points. Hopefully this list can help you plan out your playing time better.

More Nap Time listings will be added as I play through the game!

Level 4: 10 minutes
Level 5: 15 minutes
Level 6: 20 minutes
Level 7: 25 minutes
Level 8: 30 minutes
Level 9: 40 minutes
Level 10: 50 minutes
Level 11: 60 minutes

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