Mafia Wars Facebook Guide Collection

I will start including some simple guides, tips, and pointers to the facebook online game Mafia Wars. I hope these tips may help new or old players alike. If you have other information or comments. Please feel free to leave them as comments!

Enjoy my posts~

Gameplay Tips
Mafia War Beginner Tips on Facebook
Ways to Recover Your Energy in Mafia Wars on Facebook

Beginner’s Guide to Mafia War Stats

All About New York
New York Job Tier Mastery Rewards

New York Vault Collection Rewards Guide

Social Aspect of Mafia Wars
Social Feed Location in Mafia Wars on Facebook

Fighting in Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars Fight Mastery Table Guide

Leveling Strategies
Leveling Fast, Quick, and Easy in Mafia Wars on Facebook
Ways to Obtain EXP in Mafia Wars on Facebook

Hitlist Riding Explained in Mafia Wars on Facebook
Spill Over EXP leveling in Mafia Wars on Facebook


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