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Mafia Wars
There are many guides and tips out there about how to excel in Mafia Wars by Zynga Games. Below I will share some of my personal experiences on how to excel at the game. These tips are written as of November 2010. So it may not apply to later versions if the game mechanic changes.

1. Friends (Active Mafia Players) Are the Key
Your first and most important step is to recruit as many active players into your mafia group as possible. Consider creating a new separate facebook account to add as many as active friends. You want to create a new account because you do not want these random people to know your personal information, and you do not want to let all these random people’s wall posts bother you. Although you cannot show off your mafia power to your friends, at least you will have a super powerful account. If you do decide to show off, you could always only add your real life friends into your mafia wars account.

If you do decide to make a separate account dedicated to Mafia Wars. Consider these tips to start your mafia domination quests.

2. Aim for 501 Mafia members Early
At lower levels, you will most of the time win any fights that you encounter as long as you have 501 mafia members with all of them equipped. At this stage, you should aim for at least 501 maifa members because that is the number useful in most of the mafia wars cities. Remember to fully equip them with strongest inventory gears that you can afford. Typically you want to start with the attack heavy gears because you should be attacking all the time.

3. Stamina or Energy Build?
I personally like the hybrid build that is Stamina heavy. At lower levels you can prey on weaker players with your massive fire power of 501 mafia members. However, as you go higher up in level, more and more people in the “fight” list will have 501 mafia members. At this time, it will be harder for you to decide whom to attack. So save yourself the trouble and fight the people while it is easy. One popular argument is that energy packs can help you level faster. However, with the limitation of one energy pack per day, you really should not count on energy packs that much.

4. Try to NOT get free EXP at lower levels
At lower levels, spend more time in buffing up your inventory and loots to face tougher opponents at later levels. If you tend to get lots of free exp at lower levels by helping others with jobs. You are giving up more chances to loot better gears. Only get the free EXP’s via helping other people when you need the extra boost to reach the next level.

5. Do Missions with Your Friends
Missions are a great way to get some powerful loots at costs of only your energy and stamina. Although missions are horrible in leveling and getting exp, they are one of the best way to get great gears. At lower levels, if you have spare energy or stamina, consider doing many missions to get more power weapons.

6. Upgrade your properties and your gears
Always spend your money to upgrade your properties and gears. Leave no cash hanging. By doing this, you will lower your risk of getting iced because people will not attack you as much. In addition, you will earn a lot more money and gears through your upgrades.

7. Participate in Events
If there are events that require you to collect certain amounts of gifts. Always participate in them, they are a great way of getting higher level gears without leveling too much. If you can get great gears at lower levels, the higher the chance you have at fight and killing people.

8. Utilize All Methods of Energy and Stamina Boost
Read my list about how to re-charge your enery and stamina. I will add another post later on to explain the ways in which you can regenerate energy and stamina. You should always recharge your energy and stamina when you are short of them and do not want to wait for time tick. A huge part of your mafia power comes from your character level. So utilize all the boosts that can help you level further.

9. Consider Banking Your Money
If you are constantly getting attacked and losing, or if you are attacking people that you think you might lose. Consider putting your money into banks, especially for the money that is hard to come by such as Italian Lira and Las Vegas chips. Although you do pay a cost of 10% money laundering fee, it is better than losing more than that because of enemy attack or your lost attempts.

10. Check All Social Feeds
Social feeds are great resources to get free gears, bonuses, power ups, free exp’s, and loyal points. A huge part of your Mafia Wars game play should be checking all the social feeds and going through them. I have compiled a list of all available social feeds in Mafia Wars where you can get your bonuses from.

11. Spread the Gift
Mafia Wars is a Facebook Social game. Always share your stories and valuable loots so that your mafia friend list can get a piece of the action. Gift your things so that others can send them back to you. Some notable things that are always valued are: Secret Drops, Mystery Bags, Special Parts, or Mystery Shipments. You can never have too many gifts to give out.

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