Dragons of Atlantis Facebook Guide Walkthrough

I will start including some simple guides, tips, and pointers to the facebook online game Dragons of Atlantis. I hope these tips may help new or old players alike. If you have other information or comments. Please feel free to leave them as comments!

Enjoy my posts~

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Dragon of Atlantis Resource
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  1. hi wanted to know how to quit the DoA game.. will it just continually keep going if i don`t access it..

  2. I would like to state that this game is a complete waste of time if you want to really play a game, the PvP and PvE sucks and there is no reason to fight in this game, it is basicly like farmville and anybody who thinks other wise is a pathetic gamer indead.

  3. DoA is the second biggest waste of time in my game search. I spent months doing offers & playing the best I could until I got to 5 million power with 100k+ fts etc.... People started cussing me out in my inbox to get me to quit. I showed proof of this ToS violation to support & they were never blocked. I just had to manually block each of their accounts from contacting me. Constant problems had me in support almost every day. Since it is BETA, I thought they would appreciate the feedback.... Instead, I was wrongfully banned for using scripts or add ons & they expect me to start another account if I want to play again. Whatever! Kabam just got put on my list with Zynga of game networks to avoid due to scams, cheaters & inducing rage spending!

  4. This game is so, so, so full of bugs, that I actually saw a new type of bug, I'd call bug fireworks. UI bugs, Server bugs, Lag bugs, you name it. It's got them all.