How to Be a Great Lord in Dragon of Atlantis

How to Be a Great Lord in Dragon of Atlantis
Being a great overlord in Dragon of Atlantis is both easy and hard at the same time. You need to learn quite a bit of in-game skills, be knowledgeable, practice people skills, be dedicated to the game, stay organized, and be ethusiastic at all times. Below I will teach you some of the ways to be the best Lord and Leader for your alliance.

1. Be Knowledgeable
Learn everything there is to the game. Learn about different builds, different battling units, research the attack powers, create strategies. Talk with others and other great players to learn from them. You cannot be a great lord without knowing the game inside out yourself.

2. Dedication
You have to be dedicated to the game and what it stands. You have to be able to log in whenever you can. Preferrably you should log in all the time. You want to be on all the time to absorb other players, as well as responding to any problems that arise. You can be a great leader if you are truly dedicated to the game.

3. Diplomacy
Great lords in Dragon of Atlantis are deplomatic. They ensure their most of the members can grow fast and painlessly in game. They work well both within their internal people relationship as well as the relationship without outside alliances. A lord that brings his alliance to war with every single alliance on the server will eventually fall.

4. Teams and Organization
Stay organized by forming teams within the group is one important way to stay flexible and mobile within the alliance. You cannot issue orders and stay in touch with everyone in your alliance. Pick the ones whom you trust to become team leaders who will lead their individual squads. You should determine what is the best way to go about it. Design a system that works the best for your own personality and game play. The bottom line is that you should find a way to keep all of your alliance members informed of actions without burning yourself out. Delegate some of the jobs out.

5. Strategic Warfare
Plan strategic warfares to speed up the growth of your own alliance members. Order your members to hide their troops in sanctuary to avoid unnecessary losses. Then coordinate the attacks at the same time to continuously break and farm enemy targets. By planning your moves synchronously, you will become a great Warlord in Dragon of Atlantis that can take down any enemy alliances.

6. Keen Eye to Inactive Members
As a great Lord, consistently monitor the activities among your alliance members. Make sure that there are no inactives in your alliance is a key to success. By consistently replacing the inactives with new bloods who are enthusiastic about the game will keep your alliance alive. Keep a good relationship between your alliance members is a good way to make them stay active in game.

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