Using Fake Facebook Account to Play Games is Bad for Your Social Life

Using Fake Facebook Account to Play Games is Bad for Your Social Life
I have been playing quite a bit of Facebook games lately. Although this is my project to practice both my writing and blog writing, I have noticed that I actually log in to my “Fake” facebook account less and less. It is as if my “Fake” gaming account is replacing my new identity. I am no longer who I am on facebook because whenever I am on, I stay logged in with my “Fake” facebook gaming account.

As it stands, I now see no point in logging in to my real one. I feel that I am becoming out of touch with my real social circle lol. Instead of playing with my social circle, I find myself gifting back and forth more with the group of fake friends that I have.

I do not know about you, does it happen to anyone of you who started alternative accounts for Facebook Games? You start to log in your real account less and less. You log in the fake facebook account more and more. And eventually the fakebook account logins completely replaces the real one.
I really do think making alternative facebook accounts is bad for your social life. Although it is GREAT for the facebook game play ;p. In addition, you won’t have a bunch of strangers on your game life. Social game is a great design in concept, however, one just have to make the choice to fully dedicate to the game and give up who they are.


  1. I can see your point. Just playing my game is replacing other things in my life. In my case, I just want to play my game and not have my regular account flooded. I never really use facebook socially, except in small ways, so it works better for me to have a fake account. Plus I am job searching. I have been told that some employers will check facebook to get an idea of your personality. Avid gameplaying seems like something to avoid displaying. In your case, I can see that you sound separated from a world you used to enjoy. I saw there is a "list" feature, where you can pull all your gaming buddies into one area for viewing and commenting purposes, which could allow separation on the same account and provide easier access and viewing (they will still show in the main area, but it's something. You probably already know about it!)

    But maybe you can help me. Or direct me somewhere. How do you set up a fake account with a game, when the game is addressing the real one?

    I set up the fake facebook account, started my game over, and the new game automatically opened with my real facebook account feeding the old friends in. Then I logged in to the fake account, and there is an error message. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for any help. Sue

  2. facebook is bad for your social life you dont even intract for real with other people if your a woman you just get fake likes and comments by people that want to fuck you and if your a man you just get them by people that wants to get them back the truth is 80% of the people gives a fuck what you post on facebook

  3. Just distinguish what is real from what is not real. From what is real and what's virtual. I'm a very conservative person and I use my real account to talk with real friends (I live in the countryside, and most of my friends live in a city. I have almost no time to hang out) and sometime play some games. You made a fake account for the wrong reasons. You should connect your games with your real account. Also, you should only make fake accounts if you want to get a "friend secondary currency bonus" on a game but you don't have money to buy more or not enough buddies playing the game.

  4. I made another fb account for gaming community. Also so that I don't spam my irl friends with the gaming stuff (i know how obnoxious it is -_-)
    I may be hiding my real identity, but I just want some privacy by not revealing much cause it's not fun when people are gossiping (and yes people like this exist, no justice for us for don't wanna reveal much?).
    My attitude is still the same like irl so I wouldn't call that pretending

    But I got the feeling that I was actually reported by someone who thinks I harrassed even though what I did was only disagree, I didn't even insult
    My game acc that was linked to that acc might be messed up
    My votes for the game event was disappeared