Why Facebook Game Gambling is Worse than Real Gambling

Why Facebook Game Gambling is Worse than Real Gambling
I have not wrote anything about gambling recently. However, having experienced some Facebook game features recently, I feel compelled to write a list of reason why spending money to gamble for ingame items in game is worth than real life gambling. There should really be a Facebook Game Gambler Anonymous: FGGA. Below is why you should never get yourself addicted with gambling away your money in Facebook games.

1. Zero chance of Winning
You actually have zero chance of winning. In real life gambling, your chance of winning is 0 assuming you gamble towards infinity. However, on Facebook games, you chance of winning is zero by default. Any item that you hold in game is still the property of the game company. You are buying a piece of virtual item that is virtually – virtual. You hold no ownership and you cannot sell for profit. Therefore, any gamble that you do via real money spending will generate a return of 0 for you…Right at the beginning.

2. Same Level of Addiction
Facebook game cash gambling can just be as addictive as real gambling. The sense of risk and reward is the same. You get the same amount of adrenaline during the time of great stress. And you feel rewarded when you receive payouts. By spending a lot of money on Facebook games, you may eventually become addicted to gambling on Facebook.

3. Social Peer Pressure
Although your social peers may ask you to gamble in casinos with them, however, the amount of peer pressure is not great in that sense. Yet, if you look at facebook games, you look at all your friends with great items which are bought or gambled via in game cash. You may feel compelled to spend some money yourself as well. That is Facebook social peer pressure at play. The worst thing about is that once you start spending to match your friends, you will be even more easily to get addicted.

4. Credit Card Charge
Unlike most casinos where you have to use cash, or the bank that let you charge against casino withdrawals, there are usually limits that put against too much cash advance or alarming credit card charges. However, for Facebook games, there are really no such limits in place, you banks will accept those charges even if they are hundreds of dollars. Because it is so easy to charge facebook game credits via your credit card, you can overspend in gambling that much easier compared to real cash gambling. Without protection, you may dig yourself a hole from Facebook Game Gambling that you cannot dig out of.

5. Loss of Account If Charge Challenged
Remember what I said about you not really owning your Facebook game account? If you ever dare to challenge charges you placed for ingame cash, you will lose your account the instant you do so. This create a pressure that if you ever regret your impulsive gambling charge to your credit card, you have to think twice about reverting that mistake. Game companies will 100 percent ban your facebook game account permanently if you ever challenge to revert a game charge. You will suffer a 100 percent loss to your account.

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