Dragon of Atlantis Resource Strategy Guide and Field Builds

Dragon of Atlantis Resource Strategy Guide and Field Builds
There are four kinds of resources: Food, Lumber, Metal, and Stone, with the addition of Gold in the Facebook game Dragon of Atlantis. Below are some tips and guides on how to use them and a note of their importance:

In this guide I will discuss briefly the usage of each resource and corresponding field builds that go along with it.

Resource Importance by Game Stage
Early Mid End
Resource Game Game Game
Food Low High High
Lumber High High Medium
Metal Medium Medium Medium
Stone High Medium Low
Gold Medium High Low

At the beginning of the game the importance of food is pretty low given that you are still in protection stage. You will have no army to maintain. However, as you enter mid game and late game stage, you have to train and build your troops to make sure that you do not fall prey to other players.

You could set up your Dragon of Atlantis field in such a way that you build up on farming early in the game. By doing so, you could continuing to expand your army during mid and end game.

Lumber is important in building and growing your City. Most of your City building requires lots of lumber during the beginning and end game stage.

Metal is mainly used in upgrading research and training for larger units of troops.

Stone is mainly used in uprade of four kinds of building: Fortress, Garrison, Sentinel, and the Wall. After the initial burst of growth in your City. The need for stone resource in Dragon of Atlantis dies down.

Gold is essentially useless in the beginning of the game where you are mainly trying to build up your resources. However, gold becomes very important as your are trying to research through the different items. At the end game Gold’s importance diminish once again.

Field Build Guide for Dragon of Atlantis:
This table shows the different kind of plots recommended for the different builds in Dragon of Atlantis.

Field Plot Builds
Build (Food) (Lumber) (Metal) (Stone)
Generic 17 9 7 5
Balanced 17 7 7 7
Focused 24 5 5 4

Resources Generated (Base)
Resource Generation Chart by Build at level 9 (Base)
Build Food Lumber Metal Stone
Generic 63000 40500 31500 22500
Balanced 63000 31500 31500 31500
Focused 94500 22500 22500 18000

Resources Generated (Research Boosted)
Resource Generation Chart by Build at level 9 (Research)
Build Food Lumber Metal Stone
Generic 119700 76950 58850 42750
Balanced 119700 58850 58850 58850
Focused 179550 42750 42750 34200

Note: Although you do not lose any troops because of negative food, you should still aim for a healthy amount of food to ensure troops growth in your City during the mid and end game stage.


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