Simple Guide to Get More Resource in Dragon of Atlantis

Simple Guide to Get More Resource in Dragon of Atlantis
You will be able to get more resources in the Facebook Game Dragon of Atlantis when you do the following:

1. Upgrade Resource Plots
Upgrade your farms, lumber mills, mines, and querries so that you can get higher rate of resource generation. This is one of the main way to boost your resource generation rate.

2. Conquering and Occupying Wilderness
Conquering and occupying differnet type of wilderness to increase your resource generation rate in Dragon of Atlantis

3. Science Research
In your science center in Dragon of Atlantis, research different categories such as Agriculture, woodcraft, masonry, and alloys.

4. Use Production Nanos
Production Nanos can boost your resource generation speed. However, you may need to spend real money in order to get them. You can buy Dragon of Atlantis production nanos in shops, win them via Fortuna’s chance, or via quest completions.

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  1. one question.. at my food i have -38k :S how to repair that shit??

  2. disband all troops

  3. u can reafurce ur alliance members so ur food gos up or reaforch ur outpost