Ways to Recover Your Energy in Mafia Wars on Facebook

Ways to Recover Your Energy in Mafia Wars on Facebook
There are many guides and tips out there about how to excel in Mafia Wars by Zynga Games. Below I will share some of my personal experiences on how to determine if you want to go with energy or stamina in Mafia wars. These tips are written as of November 2010. So it may not apply to later versions if the game mechanic changes.

In this blog article, I will go through the things that you can do to recover your Energy.

1. Wait for Time Tick
Depending on the boosts that you have obtained to lower your energy regeneration rate, you will recover energy depending on various lengths of time. This is a sure way of getting energy although this process is quite slow and painful especially if you are waiting for the tick to go by.

2. Energy Pack
These nice little packs are great way to recover your energy. You will mainly obtain the energy packs from your fellow mafias. However, in most of the cases, you will have more than you need due to the time limit imposed on the mafia wars energy packs. You can only use 1 for every 23 hours. Although everytime you use it, it should get your another level up which can turn into another full energy refill.

3. Leveling Up
When you level up, you will get a refill boost of your energy. This is a great combination if you have enough energy/stamina to guarantee a level up everytime you cycle through them.

4. Crime Spree
Crime Spree is a nice little things where you can request decent items from your mafia members while giving them a little mafia wars energy or stamina boost. When you accept Crime Spree requets from your mafia members, you can choose either to help or sabotage, with the optional reward of little energy or stamina boost. The amount of boost that you receive is dependent on your current level. The amount is roughly your level divided by 5. This method has a limit of up to 5 times within a 24 hours period.

5. Mystery Bags/Red Mystery Bags
Obtain and accept Mystery bags and mystery bags from your mafia members. These gifts can also be bought from Reward Points. However, energy recoveries come at low chance when it comes to mystery bags and red mystery bags. They are a nice little boost if you are short on a couple energy points to level up. However, if you do decide to use reward points, you are better off buying the energy or stamina refill.

6. Loyalty Points Energy Refill
Refill your energy points by spending 50 loyal points. If you consistently play and help your fellow mafia members, it is easy to get a handful of loyal points that can be used for energy refill.

7. Figher’s Club Energy Refill
Exchange some of your Victory coins into energy refills if you are advanced enough in fighter level. These are nice additions to your mafia wars energy bar and your leveling. However, it does take sometime for you to advance through your fighter level.

8. Mafia War Tool Bar
Download and install Mafia Wars tool bar via the the Account section within Mafia Wars. Once it is installed, you could access Play Now button with your web browser tool bar. It will grants you a 25% energy bonus every 8 hours.

9. Reward Points Refill
If you do have the money, consider buying direct energy refills via Reward Points method. Simply go to the marketplace and purcase the energy refill.

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