Ways to Obtain EXP in Mafia Wars on Facebook

Ways to Obtain EXP in Mafia Wars on Facebook
This blog post will guide you through the ways of obtain EXP in Mafia Wars. By knowing all the methods of obtain EXP, you can utilize all of these methods so that you can level faster and easier.

1. Jobs
Completing jobs is one of the more straight forward way of obtaining EXP in Mafia Wars. Different jobs have different EXP ratios. If you have completed all of your needed masteries, you should either spend your energy on jobs that give good EXP ratio, or use your energy to attend missions.

2. Missions
You could gain EXP points when you complete the tasks if your Mafia friend’s missions. Typically the EXP ratio in these missions are not as good as jobs. However, the decent loots make up for the lack of EXP.

3. Boss Fights
You gain EXP while you are fighting the boss during boss fights. However, this is also not a great source of EXP because the ratio is typically bad.

4. Attack Other Players
This is a great source of EXP with good ratio. You should always attack weaker players with higher chance of winning. You do not gain any EXP in lost fights. In addition, sometimes you can get 2x EXP when your mafia “rally the troops” at random chances. Which means that you can get up to 6 EXP per stamina points which is a great ratio.

5. Getting Attacked by Other Players
If you get attacked by other players and win, you will get some EXP. Leveling strategies such as hitlist riding exist because of this effect.

6. Mystery Bags
Occassionally, a 100 points EXP reward is given in these bags which you receive from your fellow Mafia friends.

7. Las Vegas Tournaments
EXP rewards are given when you win fights in tournaments. The EXP is not great at lower levels when you are relatively weak. However, as you level up and get more attack/defense/gears. You will win more often which will becom a great source of EXP in Mafia Wars.

8. Robberies
You could get EXP when you rob other player’s properties. This is also a great source of EXP if your attack power is pretty decent that you win most of the time. In addition, after you rob the entire grid of a certain property. You get an additional bonus EXP boost.

9. Helping Your Mafia Through Social Feed
You could help your fellow mafia members with their jobs and get some bonus EXP. You could find these feeds either from the game story or on your home page.

10. Request Help from Your Mafia Through Social Feed
When you complete jobs, sometimes you will see a message where you could request help from your friends. If you do click on it, you will get bonus EXP and money when your mafia friends respond to you.

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