Social Feed Location in Mafia Wars on Facebook

Social Feed Location in Mafia Wars on Facebook
In this blog article, I will share with you all of the social feeds location in Mafia Wars that will most of the time give you freebies. If you have a huge mafia list who consistently plays, you should check these locations every time you play. You will then make sure that you take advantage of all these freebies that will enhance your characters. These tips and locations are written as of November 2010. So it may not apply to later versions if the game mechanic changes.

1. Mafia War Home Page
At the home page, look to the bottom left side. Mafia Wars will pull in some of the “top stories” that it thinks is worthwhile. The most common ones are job requests and property parts requests. If you complete the job requests, you will often times get money in addition to request for help from friends yourself.

2. My Mafia Members List
When you are at the page where you can search through your mafia members, you will occasionally find job requests or slots that were not captured by the Home Page. You can also note how many people have fully built slot machines. While you are at it, remember to promot people into your top mafia list for some nice bonuses for both you and your mafia. Note that different people can give you different bonuses of varying amounts.

3. Mafia Wars Game Messages
Check you message page, a good chunk of social feeds and requests will appear on that page. Make sure that you go through them on a daily basis to add new members and accept new gifts. You can also accept most of the crime spree and mission requests here as well.

4. Game Stories Under Facebook
Once in a while, check the game stories for some nice bonuses. The most common of these bonuses are “Secret stashes” where a limited number of people can claim freebies. From time to time where there are collection events, you could find bonus masteries appaer on game stories as well. There are also misc bonuses such as leveling up, icing people, or property upgrades. Most of the better freebies have people limit so check this page often.

5. Game Requests Under Facebook
This category is important because a lot of the times Mafia War Message Center does not capture all of the messages and requests. You must come here manually to accept your gifts and rewards. Often times, the message center will miss the important secret drop and collection item requests. So remember to check this page often to claim your freebies.

6. Your Public Wall Under Facebook
This might come as a surprise. However, if you allow Mafia Wars to post on your personal war, bonuses do come to you through the help of your mafia. If you have friends who consistently fight, you may get bonus victory coins by accepting fighting requests which you can fight for bonus victory coins.

7. Your Email Messages
If you allow Mafia Wars to send you messages via E-Mail. You can access the newest stories within your E-mail account. By visiting the stories with your email link, you will gain additional bonuses.

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