Cityville Level Cap Raised on 12/17 to 60!

Cityville Level Cap Raised on 12/17 to 60!

Alright! Zynga has raised the level cap to 60.  Good for those people who are already at the max level cap.  I am glad to see that they have fixed the goods glitch as well.  Good job zynga!

Animation Performance
Improved Animation performance, which improves the overall performance of the game.
"Doober" drops
Reduced the amount of time it takes for "doobers" (such as xp stars) to drop.
"Animal Gifts" quest
Changed the "Animal Gifts" quest to "Animal Farm" quest, with slightly easier requirements.
Increased level cap
The level cap has been increased from 50 to 60
Thank you gifts
Added the option to send a "Thank you" gift when accepting gifts.

Bug Fixes
"Saving your city"- The game will now reload after this error, preventing loss of progress.
Business from inventory - Business that are obtained through other means (such as collections rewards) can now also be franchised.
Certain instances of OOS errors- Resolved more issues causing OOS errors.
Loss of storage when visiting neighbors - Fixed the issues that was causing storage capacity to decrease when visiting neighbors.

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