Guide to guides – A guide on how to write a great game guide

Guide to guides – A guide on how to write a great game guide
This is a simple guide about the steps that you should take before taking on a guide writing project. This will help you get started writing the guide that will help many others excel in the games.

1. Determine Your Topic
Determine a topic of interest. It should be something that you have personally experienced with. Most of the time you can better share your own personal experience only if you have played the character, class, or builds yourself. Determine the topic, be very specific so that people can search for it. Great concentrated topics are something like, “How be beat this uber boss with archer class”, “Make Money from Trading Taro Cards,”. Or if you are feeling ambitious, you can write a comprehensive guide such as “Complete Human Guide.” However,

My advice if you are first starting, pick a simpler and straight forward topic. You are more likely to quit and stop if the projects get too big. Writing a comprehensive guide is very tough, especially in the online world. The contents may change or get patched before you even finish it.

2. Choose Writing Style
Choose the tone of your guides. Depending on the game, you should write a little differently. For example, on a hardcore PvP game, you should avoid “cute” talk. Although, if you are playing the game yourself, your personality should almost suit for the game. Just write what you think people will enjoy reading. Be consistent throughout your guides. Do not change tone depending on your mood of the day.

3. Outline
Yes, like your writing class. You should outline your contents. Consider creating a table of content so that it is easy to browse. Be careful about creating a complicated outline. I have seen guides with plenty of trees and sub trees. I believe that you have to. What did I do? I skip right over those crap because I just want to get my information and leave.

4. Categorize and Group Tips
If you have decided writing or blogging about a game guide, you probably have lots of information that you want to share. Make sure that you categorize and group the ideas. Put all money making ideas in one place. Put all EXP and leveling ideas in another. Maybe add a section about PvP. Avoid jumping all over the place when you are giving your tips.

5. Add Graphics
Add graphics for parts that may be hard to understand via text. For example, if you want to say, “Go to this dot next to the green tree next to the lake within your map”, do not say that. Just take a screen shot of the minimap. Put a huge red circle on the minimap using simple “Paint” or photo shop if you want to be fancy. Sometimes 1 picture is better than one thousand words.

6. Field Test Guides in Actual Game Play
After you have finished, run your guide through the actual game play once again. Make sure that all things happen just like you said it would happen. You want to be building your credential and trust among the readers. When you get to the point of having hundreds of dedicated readers who flock to your blog for new content, you have succeeded as a influential blogger. To do that, make sure that you have what people need. Field test what you say to make sure that they are true.

7. Finish the Game Guides
Although I am not great on this part myself, one important part of a awesome guide is actually the ability to close it and finish it. Finish that guides that you have completed, do not just leave it to die while working on it halfway. You can only be the best helping when you complete your thoughts and guides. Finish your guides. Say everything that you need to say. Your readers will appreciate that.

8. Have Fun
Have fun while writing. Writing a guide can either be really reward or discouraging. At times, people do not appreciate the time and effort that you have put into it. However, do not get discouraged by that. Only write about guides because you either truly love writing or the game. Have fun while blogging and creating guides. You will not last or finish what you started if you do not enjoy it.

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