How much Cityville land dedicated to Farming to Have Enough Goods

How much Cityville land dedicated to Farming to Have Enough Goods
One major problem that most people run into is the lack of goods in game. The farmed or shipped goods in Cityville is simply not enough to cover all your business needs. Usually at this stage, you need to look hard to all your business holdings and decide which ones to keep and upgrade. In addition, you need to increase your farming and shipping potential to avoid running out of goods in Cityville.

In this blog post, one simple rule of thumb on how much Cityville farming land dedicated is provided for crops. Follow this simple formula:

Cityville Farming Formula: Your (Maximum Energy) x (Growth Time (In Days)) x (Weighted Playing Time) x (Numbers of Times of Play) + (Battery Factor)

Explanation of Factors:
1. Maximum Energy
This is simply the maximum energy that your City currently has.

2. Growth Time
Peas take roughly 3 days to completely grow. Therefore the growth time is 3.

3. Weighted Playing Time
To Calculated Weighted Hours Spent in Cityville – The first hour is 1. The subsequent hours are multiplied with a factor of 0.5.

For example, if you play 2 hours straight, then the weighted numbers of hour played is 1.5.

4. Numbers of Times of Play
This refers to if you play one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, you will have a factor of 2. This assumption covers the amount of time you let your energy fully recover to the max.

5. Battery Factor
Gifts or Cash items can increase your energy which can increase your leveling speed or necessary harvesting amount.

I currently have a level 28 City with roughly Max Energy of 30. I only grow peas and I play 1 Hour per day in the morning and two hours at night. I receive a gift about 10 pcs of +3 Energy on a daily basis.
Plus into the formula: 30 x 3 x 2 x 1.5 + 30 = 300 plots of land dedicated to farming peas at all times without ever running out of goods to harvest. I currently only have 150 peas, so I run out of goods to sell about half of the time I play.

Farming Advices:
1. Only farm crops with plenty of growth time. If you farm crop with less than 24 hours to grow, it is not as good from an energy consumption point of view. I assume that you will only grow the crops that take more than 1 day of growing time.

2. Lower the amount of land dedicated, if you consistently have helpful neighbors who harvest and water your crops and ships.

3. This formula breaks down when for an extreme player who plays nonstop for 4 hours+. My assumption for the weighted hour factor is based on you spending time visiting neighbors to gain energy to restock your business.

Final Note:
Play around with the amount of farm land that you need. You can test it out by your own playing style, if you consistently run out of stock because of goods, that means you need more farm lands. The formula that I provided here will simply give you a good estimate on how much you actually need. By following my formula, you should be able to restock your Cityville business without running out of goods.

This is only a rule of thumb, the exact numbers of farmland needed is dependent on many factors – your playing style, business holding mix, franchise, and neighbors. Hope this can shed some light on why you always run out of goods in game.

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