Moga Appearance List in Monster Galaxy 2

Moga Appearance List in Monster Galaxy 2
Below are my recordings of all the Mogas that I have encountered during my game play. I visited the same spot maybe 10 or so more times before I move on to the next ones. I may not record down some of the more rare encounters. However, if you have seen something that I have missed, please leave comment and I will add them.

More will be added as I play through the game Monster Galaxy.

Sandswirl Beach:
Crabao: Level 8: 114 EXP
Weeplet: Level 8: 114 EXP
Leviathan: Level 10: 142 EXP

Weeplet: Level 6: 85 EXP

Swirly Dock
Boogaleef: Level 8: 114 EXP

Sandswirl Shrubwalk
Crabao: Level 10: 142 EXP

Sandswirl Shrubwalk
Boogaleef: Level 12: EXP

Shellstone Beach Front
Crabao: Level 9: 128 EXP

Spiral Path:
Staryak: Level 8: 114 EXP

Spiral Road:
Leif: Level 9:
Munyu: Level 8: 114 EXP
Satyak: Level 8: 114 EXP

Munyu: Level 10: 142 EXP
Messi: Level 9/10: 128/142 EXP
Mimple: Level 8: 114 EXP

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  1. Heavenly Greens Cemetary
    Vuvu: level 17

  2. Sandswirl Beach:
    Anee: level 10

  3. Heavenly Greens Steps
    Zomoo: level 14

  4. Sandswirl Beach:
    Yara: lv 7-9

  5. i only encounter lvl 5 crabao's :(( would love more xp's!!

  6. I have found rainburn in the Summer Field 3 times in a row(some were lvl 2 other one was lvl 9)