SkyBlue’s Easy Monster Galaxy Walkthrough Guide

SkyBlue’s Easy Monster Galaxy Walkthrough Guide
This walkthrough is supposed to be very easy to understand. It will not go into any specific detail about how to catch or how to fight. My other blog posts will teach discuss more into details about those other topics. This blog post will be continuously updated as I play the game. This post will be a record of how my own feeling, opinion, and strategy as I pass through the game play.

This walkthrough is played without spending real money in game. If you do spend real money and do not care about real money, you should simply buy all the coffee and starseeds that you can get ahold of. Catch everything, and just drink coffee so you can play continuously till the end of the game. That is the easy way out.

The Levels that I listed are “Enemy Moga levels”. Your own level should be much higher than the enemy Mogas in order to beat Monster Galaxy painlessly.

This Moga Monster Galaxy guide will be written for the players who do not spend real money.

Level 1~3:
This part is very simple. Just go through the different locations and beat up the enemy Mogas. Complete the quests as they come along. Remember to go to home base to harvest and collect all the whistles from your friends. This should become your daily task for the days which you play Monster Galaxy. Save your Starseeds and do not use them on level 1 or beginner Mogas. It may be tempting to use them, but save them for later levels.

Notable Mogas: Coldbear and Lainedeer. Because of the special limited holiday event, you have a chance of meeting on them on the battle field. Catch them if you can. It may be hard to catch Lainedeer given the limited numbers of Starseed that you have. I managed to catch it with just one Starseed thrown.

Level 3~5:
This part is still simple. You have a little tougher enemy Mogas to fight. However, if you use the Zodiac attack that enemy is weak against, you should be able to finish them within 1~2 turns.
Notable Mogas: None

Level 6~8:
Things get a little bit tricky at this stage. If you want to advance from this stage, your Moga may take damage 2~3 turns before you can take them out. Considering bring up the average levels of your team so that you can continue fighting while your strongest team is taking a nap. For me personally, I play on and off during the day so I simply put my team to nap while waiting for them to be available again.

Becareful when you proceed in the world map because you may encounter some stronger Mogas than your team. When you are in tight situation, do not be afraid to use whistles to kill off the enemy Moga.

Level 9~12:
Monster Galaxy gets a little serious now. You should now level up the average levels of your team while getting a good mix of Mogas with strong Zodiac attacks. Enemy mogas now have the same if not more HP than yours. You must use the correct Zodiac weakness against your enemy Mogas in order to win smoothly.

Consider grinding some levels of your Moga so you could face the enemy easier by battling Mogas of lower level.

More Monster Galaxy walkthough is added and updated in this post as I play through the game. Bookmark my SkyBlueRPG blog and check back often ^^. Feel free to leave comments and helpful tips!

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  1. Honestly, pretty nice guide until about lvl 6. From lvl 6 to about 9 just farm in the area you receive the trolo quest (mobs lvl 4-5). You can level to 9 even 10 fairly painlessly. You can waste all your starseeds trying to get Lainedeer or some other rare/super rare mogas. Keep in mind you can capture mogas two levels higher than the one you have int he battle... and they retain the lvl they have... So, I dont spend money on monster galaxy, but not a lot of people are going to want to grind their mogas to the levels needed to get farther in game. So once you get a moga to lvl 10, go to the trollworthy bridge and snag a lvl 12 trolo, go home put him in the party, go to windhym gates and grab a lvl 14 (some fairy idk the name), go to heavenly greens steps and capture the 16 vuvuu, go to The Rue Morgue and snag the lvl 18 bull thing with horns, go to madbeetch river and snag a lvl 20.. Im still trying to find a lvl 22 atm.. It will take quite some time to find the mogas in the respective areas, I have had to run constantly. This works, now that you skipped a lot of mogas that maybe you want for vanity sake, you can complete a lot more quests with higher lvl mogas netting you more starseeds to either move farther on or go back and catch those elusive mogas you passed on earlier. Personally, Trolo and the horned thing from rue morgue are the best 2 mogas ive caught (ive caught 28 so far, lainedeer's heal becomes useless at higher lvls-doesnt matter if ur healin 12 or w/e a round when they can hit you for 50+ a turn if not more). Any moga that causes your opponent to miss is all too sweet, and some like Trolo do amazing damage.

    1. Can you catch a moga if they are more than two levels higher than yours????

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