Why Leveling Up is Necessary in Cityville

Why Leveling Up is Necessary in Cityville
Leveling up in Cityville is essential for a few reasons. In this blog post I will detail out the benefit of leveling up in Cityville.

1. Unlock Crops and Buildings
By leveling up, you could unlock better and more efficient crops and buildings. These crops and buildings allow you to generate more income at a faster rate. The more money and goods that you have in Cityville the better, you turn over those proifts and harvests into more shops and farms.

2. Free Refill of Energy
The beginning stages of Cityville is quite fun to play. You consistently level up and receive free refills of energy for which you can level up more. Leveling up is always great that it gives you a brand new bar of energy at your disposal.

3. Free Cash
Zynga provides one free cash to you for every level up that you receive. It is great if you could save up those hard earned Cash for the best use of cash such as tennis courts.

4. Compete with Your Friends
Leveling up makes you awesome among your friends. Social games are partly about peer pressure. By competing with your friends and win, you will look awesome and feel great about yourself. Level up as fast as you can if that is something that you want to achieve.

5. Potential Increase in Neighbor Traffic
By becoming the highest leveled neighbor in your neighbor’s friend ladder, you are more likely to receive visiting traffic. When people start visitng their neighbors, they usually either start from level 1’s, or they go from the highest of their list. If you are a high level yourself, chances are that you will be at the high end spectrum of your neighbor’s friends ladder. Therefore, you have greater exposure to receive additional traffic.

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