Build More Franchise Than Your Max Franchise Limit

Build More Franchise Than Your Max Franchise Limit
As many of you know, there is a limit on how many Franchise businesses that you may have in your own City. That limit used to be 26 but they have decreased it down to 20. However, you can make more Franchise beyond the limit if you follow my directions.

1. Have Lots of Free Land Handy
If you want to do this trick, you should have lots of free land ready to be built into anything that you desire. Once you finish the trick, it is hard to do it again.

2. Bring Down Your Franchise to 1 Below the Limit
You need first to delete your existing franchised businesses first. Simply remove them by using the removal tool. After you remove them, reload the game to make sure that the system registers your franchise removal.

3. Build Many Empty Lots
Build as many empty lots as you can around your City. Pack everything to the max. This is possible because Cityville does not consider Empty Lots as built franchise. You can therefore go beyond the limit by creating the Empty lots beforehand. Do not accept any franchise requests until you have fully built your land with Empty lots

4. Start Accepting and Max Out Your Franchised Empire
Go franchise happy and build all your empty lots with friend’s Franchises. You will be able to receive lots of free goods and energy from all your Franchises.

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  1. R u sure that's possible ? So delete just one so its 19, place 10 empty lots all around and when all r 'taken' accept them all and I'll have 29 friends' businesses ?

  2. it was possible about 2 weeks ago. Unless they have patched it since then ;p. The game does update quite often you know.

  3. I have 6 franchises total but the game still says i have reached my max :(

  4. I have delete my HQ, but the franchise is still exist.. :(
    Can u tell me what should I do.. ? :s

  5. If you are referring to your own franchise out. YOu need to delete every single business you have. You are better off trying to level up more to unlock more.

  6. In order to completely delete your franchise, you have to ask your neighbors to delete the business's in their cities. You may not have your franchise business in your city but the franchised business's still exist in your neighbors cities. Once all traces of the franchise are removed, your headquarters for that franchise will be removable.

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