Monster Galaxy Beginner Fighting Guide

Monster Galaxy Beginner Fighting Guide
Monster Galaxy is many ways are similar to pokemon. For those of whom are not familiar with pokemon the game, I will go over some of the simple basics of the fighting system in game.

1. Turn Based
Monster Galaxy’s fighting system is turn based. Your Moga attack one turn, and your enemy Moga attacks you one turn.

2. Actions that Take one Turn
Most of the actions that you take during battle takes one turn. These including the usage of items, starseed, and blue coffee. Note that switching Moga in the middle of the fight also takes one turn. Meaning that your switched Moga will be attacked as soon as it is up.

3. You May Not be the First to Attack
Be careful when you are battling in a higher level area. The enemy Mogas may attack you and kill you right away.

4. Winning Loot Drops
When you win in battles, you have a percentage chance of receiving loot drops as well as EXP.

5. EXP Calculation
The EXP that your Moga receives is divided by how many Moga was on the battlefield. The EXP is divided among your members if multiple Mogas were fighting. For exact amount of EXP that you obtain during battle, check my list of enemy Moga encounter post at a later time.

6. Zodiac Weakness and Strengths
Each Moga has a corresponding Zodiac sign. Moga has one attack that is specifically designated as the “Zodiac” attack. By grouping the Moga against the ones that they are strongest against is the sure fire way of winning battle. However, you only have 5 attack points in zodiac before you need to rest your pet or refill your pet via blue coffee or leveling up.

7. Critical Attack
Occasionally the Mogas can inflict critical attacks that can either kill you or kill your opponent quite fast. Watch up for those incidents because they may completely break your team.

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