Thoughts on Leveling Efficiency for Monster Galaxy

Thoughts on Leveling Efficiency for Monster Galaxy
Upon playing for a couple of hours on Monster Galaxy, I have reached a level where you have to grind a little bit in order to advance easier in Monster Galaxy. Here are my thoughts about the best way to level up fast. This blog post will only apply to those of who do not spend real money on Blue Coffee. If you do spend real money, simply buy all the blue coffee and level fast. However, this guide will help you to get the most bucks out of using Blue Coffee.

1. Health Points
Health points can be a huge issue when it comes to leveling up. If you consistently run out of health before you run out of attack points. You may need to switch to a different map with Moga that is weak against yours, or downgrade a level. Your goal is to minimize the use of Blue Coffee or napping.

2. Efficient Killing
Check my enemy Moga appearance list for the different encounters. I have included the amount of EXP gain for each encounter. You could do a simple calculation on how many attack points you spend before killing the enemy Moga to get those experience points.

Rule of thumb for efficient killing is that your Zodiac attacks should finish enemies with one shot. Two shot is ok but not really acceptable. For the regular attacks, you should finish off the enemy Mogas with 1~3 shots. If you overkill the enemy by a lot of additional damage, try to up the stake by fighting higher level enemies.

If by fighting higher level enemies you either find you out of health points fast or use more attack points than my recommendation. Just drop down one notch to level up before you proceed again.

3. Actual testing:
If you are too lazy to think or test whether or not your levels are good: below is a generic list of efficient leveling. The actual efficiency may differ depending on the attack skills that your Moga has. More listing will be added as I go along the game:
Enemy Moga Level Versus Your Moga Level to Kill Efficiently
Level 1: Level 1
Level 2: Level 3
Level 3: Level 5
Level 4: Level 7~9
Level 5: Level 10~12
Level 6: Level 11~15

More will be added as I play through the game.

You can notice that the higher the enemy Moga, the much higher your Moga must be in order to kill them fast. This is because your attack ability does not increase the same rate that enemy Moga’s health points do. Your goal is to be able to kill the enemies within 1~2 shots to get the most bang out of your limited number of attack points.

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