How to Add or Change Your Moga Team in Monster Galaxy

How to Add or Change Your Moga Team in Monster Galaxy
In Monster Galaxy, it is essential for you to have the right team when you enter the right area. By having the correct Zodiac Mogas fighting against the mogas that they are “awesome” against will mean easier victory for your team.

To add or change your Moga Team in Monster Galaxy, simply do as follows:

1. Go back to your “Home” Base
2. Click on the MogaDex
3. Remove Your Moga Team List by click on the X if applicable
4. Drag down the new Moga that you want to put in your team.

You are done! Make sure that you always get the correct team for the area that you will be heading into!

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  2. i don't know why ... i can't add my moga into the team ... when i click home ... the box that usually got our three moga become black ... i try to go sunshire without any moga ... but it said that all my moga had fainted ... need to give them rest ... but my all my moga are ready , no even one is sleeping ... who can help me solve this problem ? please help me ...