The Worse Use of Cityville Cash

The Worse Use of Cityville Cash
After discussing the best, I will discuss some of the worst way of spending Cityville Cash in my opinion.

1. Early Unlock of Items (Business, Farms, Etc)
I think it is pointless to do early unlock of items. You will eventually be able to use the items listed if you play long enough. If you cannot wait to get to build those items, I believe the chances are that you will not play the game for a long time. Save yourself some money and skip out on the early unlock offerings.

2. Any Decorations Other than the Tennis Courts
Tennis courts are the best Cash decorations that give you the most bang out of your buck. Therefore, the other decorations pale in comparions. Save up your cash and spend on tennis courts instead of wasting them on some other Cityville Cash decorations.

3. Hiring Neighbors
Hiring neighbors is another pointless way of wasting your Cityville cash. It is easier to add more people as your Cityville friends and play together rather than spending your Cityviile Cash. Neighbors are a better investment such that you could visit and franchise each other’s City. Do not use your Cityville Cash to get out of having to hire neighbors for your community buildings. Zynga has already made it really easy for people to follow hiring feeds.

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