The Best Way to Spend Cityville Cash

The Best Way to Spend Cityville Cash
You could buy many neat items in Cityville using Cityville cash which can be bought using real life money. These two things on what I think is the best use of your hard earned money (Cityville Cash).

1. Tennis Courts
This decoration item offers great payout which stands at 64%. By lining multiple tennis courts together, you could create a gold spot that will can potential generate you 5 or more times in business payouts. Tennis courts definitely give you the most bang out of your buck as Cityville currently stands.

2. Land Expansion (Late Game Stage)
Land expansion becomes increasingly important at later game stage. You want to have as many farm as possible in order to constantly supply all of your businesses, yet if you play enough, you find yourself constantly running out of goods to restock. You can solve this issue at later game stage by simply using Cityville Cash. It only takes 10 Cityville cash to unlock an expansion. It is golden compared to you having to collect 20 plus zoning permits. You will level faster and easier when you have a huge land area to utilize.

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  1. imho, tennis court is rather expansive..35 cash =64% payout(unless you lave lots of cash).. I prefer 2x 30 cash = 64% payout..