Organize Awesome Cityville City for Your Neighbor

Organize Awesome Cityville City for Your Neighbor
Everyone hates a messy neighbor who cannot place items nicely. You can never find the items that you are looking for. Below I will share some tips on how to organize your City so you can encourage the things you want to get clicked on.

1. Put the Important Businesses in the Center
Most neighbors want to visit your City and get out as quick as they can. Put things in the center where they are easy to see will bring a nice experience to your neighbors. Do not let big buildings hide their views. Make it easy for other people to send tourists and harvest your farms for you.

2. Categorize Building Types
In City planning terms, you should put all your building types into districts. Separate and create nice zones of housing, business, and farms. Shipping by default is limited to the shoreline. By you categorizing your Cityville building types nicely, you make it easy for the neighbors to find the things that they like to tend to. Especially for people who are trying to get additional food from your City. Save them the headache of having to pick out little lands of farms.

3. Do Not Shift Categories Often
Once you have put Cityville buildings into districts, do not completely shift things too often. People are a creature of habit. You want to make it easy for your neighbors to tend your items when they know where everything is. If they need to get in and get out quick, they just click on the businesses. If they want additional goods for their own City, they always know where they can go get fresh crops from your City.

4. Always Have Some Mature Crops
Even if you have spare energy, do not farm everything that you have planted at once. Always leave a couple lying around so that your neighbors can harvest the farms. You want to be a nice neighbors whom your neighbors love to visit because they know that they can always expect the best out of you. Have some spare mature crops for them to harvest for goods is a great way to win some love from your Cityville neighbors.

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