Cityville Review – Why It is the Best Game On Facebook

Cityville Review – Why It is the Best Game On Facebook
After playing quite a few games on Facebook, I have this misconception of how simple things must be for facebook games. However, Zynga’s new release of Cityville has quite blown me away. Below I will list out the things that I love or dislike about the game.
What I absolutely love about the game:

1. Strategistic Element
There could actually be strategy in depth involved in this game. You would have to plan your buildings, farm/crop supply, community buildings to further the game play. Compared to Farmville, Frontierville, or even the competitor’s Social City. There are much more planning in Cityville. Which I think makes it fun because I am a nerdy hardcore gamer.

2. Social Aspect
Although it is typical for facebook games to be heavily in social aspect, I like how easy it is to accept gifts in Cityville. Compared to some other of Zynga or even competitor’s releases, Cityville has proved to me as one of the fastest gift receiving game.

3. Energy Timing Aspect
I like how the energy component is thought out currently. With the energy as a limiting factor during game play, a player cannot just build nonstop. They would have to wait for energy to recover or receive gifts in order to advance further. I believe this adds to the strategistic aspect of game play.

4. Many unlockable Buildings
This is one of the Zynga game with the most unlockable elements. I like that many businesses and community buildings can be unlocked with goals. This actually gives a sense of accomplishment when completing the goals.

5. Fast Loading Time
I feel that this is more well programmed compared to the other social games. The neighbor’s maps actually load faster relatively to other games. I think one of the thing that I hate the most about visiting neighbor’s place is the slow loading and possibly crashing my computer.

6. Franchise
I love Franchise, I like how Franchise can directly impact another player’s City in a fast interactive way. I think more developers should add elements that can improve the interactivity among players. I think the simple gifting and neighbor tending is just not enough.

7. Expansion
I think Zynga really pulled it off in making it possible to expand a lot in game. By looking at the screen and possible map area, it seems like you can expand your City border many times. Personally I am currently on my 7th Expansion and going more whenever I play.

What I dislike about the game:
1. Weak Collection Awards
I feel that the collection part of the game has been rushed in. I wish that different collections would give differing rewards more. At first glance, all the collection rewards give pretty much the same thing. I find that disappointing.

2. Community Buildings Later Require Gifts Only
I liked the idea of “hiring” neighbors for positions in your city and I liked how fast the response rate is. However, after digging the game a little more, I find it disappointing that all later buildings require gifts once a again. Every community require a big amount of gifting.

3. Weak Goal Rewards
Although it is nice to be able to unlock new buildings via goals, the goal rewards themselves are really nothing. Typically you will spend more money than the amount that you get back via completing the goals. What they could do is to create some really nice and hard goals, while compensating players for their efforts. I do not want to spend like 5000 to get a new deco, and only get 100 coins back for my effort. That is weak!

By reading through what I like and dislike about the game. You should have a good idea on what you are getting yourself into. Hope to see you in game!

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