Guide to Cityville Decoration and Payout Bonus

Guide to Cityville Decoration and Payout Bonus
Decoration becomes more important at later game play. Decorations have the ability to boost your earnings given the limited amound of energy that you receive per day. In this article, I will discuss the things that you need to know about decorations:

In my next article I will detail out all of these factors in a simple to understand chart, so you can make the best decisions on how to create and plan your Cityville City.

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1. Initial Cost
All decorations cost money to obtain. You goal is to figure out whether these costs are worth it. If the decoration is starting cost is too high relative to payout bonus, that means it is not good. The factor that can be considered is Cost per Percentage of Payout Bonus, the higher the cost, the lesser effective it is.

2. Land Usage
Different decorations have difference lots of lands that they occupy. When you are optimizing your City, you have limited amount of land space next to your bigger businesses, land usage becomes important. The ratio that I will include is Payout Pecentage per lots of land. The bigger the payout bonus, the better it is.

3. Payout Bonus
This is the straight bonus that the decoration can offer to its adjacent buildings. This number does not mean much until after it is put together along with the initial and land usage as ratios. But you could use it as a quick reference guide.

4. Radius of Influence
Decorations have a radius of influence that can give out money bonuses to the adjacent buildings.

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