Cityville Visitng Neighbor Bonus Guide

Cityville Visitng Neighbor Bonus Guide
1. First Time Bonus
You will get the following bonus the first time you visit your new neighbor:
100 Coins
3 Energy

2. Bonus from Subsequent Visit
You will get the following bonus the subsequent times, the visit bonus refresh every 23 hours. In addition, the maximum numbers of bonus that you can receive is dependent on your Reputation level.
50 Coins
1 Energy
1 XP

3. Visitor Tending Action
You can conduct actions in your neighbor’s Cities as helps. You can act 5 times in your neighbor’s City in a 12 hour time period.
Good actions that are the most helpful to your neighbor:
a. Harvest Crops and Unloading Ships
These cost energy to do so it is helpful to your neighbors.
b. Watering and Guiding Ships
These actions boost the growing and shipping time.
c. Sending Tourists
These actions are great because they give additional XP to your neighbors.

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