Tips to Cityville Expansion

Tips to Cityville Expansion
Upon playing Cityville for a couple days, you should always be looking for more land to grow. Below I will note some of the tips that I have regarding expanding your Cityville City faster and simpler.

1. Expand Early
At early stage, always ask and gift zoning permits so that you can expand your City. Do not optimize your City before you have expanded your City. Expand and ask for permits. Later in game, your limiting factor in building your City will most likely be from the City zoning permits and not coins.

2. Ask for Zoning Permits Often
One of your daily task is asking for zoning permits. Ask for Cityville zoning permits all the time so that you can expand. The current limit for zoning permits request is one per day.

3. Gift Zoning Permits
Gift zoning permits up to limit for all your Cityville friends and neighbors. By doing so, you are more likely to receive them yourself.

4. Do not afraid of unused land
Do not worry about leaving land vacant if you expand too fast. Simply slot farm lands into it and put peas. Farming peas are great use of maximizing land to goods potential if you have spare land. 1 Energy will get you 155 goods plus the wedding house collection bonus.

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