Maximize Payout on Cityville Concentrated Decoration Strategy

Maximize Payout on Cityville Concentrated Decoration Strategy
One common strategy in planning Cityville City is to concentrate the decoration radius on one spot. The detail is expained here in this post. Once you have optimized one spot to receive maximum amount of payout, you could use this tip to maximize your investment.

A design weakness exists in Cityville such that you can move the payout collectible buildings. By exploiting this weakness and switch business buildings in and out of the concentrated decoration bonus spot, you can profit from it. This method manually give the maximized bonuses to all of your buildings.
However, it is a time consuming task, yet if you are powerleveling your Cityville character or trying to get as much money as possible within a short amount of time. This is the strategy to go.

If you are not in a hurry, save yourself some time and just use my spreaded decoration Cityville strategy where you let one major decoration boost multiple buildings.

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