Hardest Part for Writing About an Online Game

Hardest Part for Writing About an Online Game
Writing is hard. Writing about an ever changing environment is even harder, especially in the online gaming world. The virtual universe is constantly being updated with the latest information. To excel, you really need to be a part of the game, explore the world, and share in the pain and joy that game designers have made to offer.

Below I will share what I think is the hardest part when writing or blogging about online game guides.

1. Things are Always Changing
Things are always changing in online games. You can write about a tip that will make money in game, however, 2 days later a special event or update comes which will render your writing worthless. You can write about leveling spots that can get players EXP quick and fast, a new monster or map rebalance can totally change the game.

2. Decreased Playing Time
When I focus more on writing and creating quality content, I begin to find that my actual playing time decreases. This makes sense because I can only spend 3 hours of leisure time per day. During that time, I can either play nonstop, or play 2 hours to write one hour. Because of my decreased playing time, I may not be as strong as other dedicated hardcore players. That can put my guide at a disadvantage to others.

3. Promotion of Content
I find that promotion of my guides hard. As a blogger, I do have moments of discouragement where I feel that my quality guides are not being read. That can be quite disheartening. I consistently post my links to various sources like forums and other sites like I mentioned in my own blog. Sometimes the results are fairly limited. However, I do feel quite happy when someone else repost and link to my site on their forums. Yet, it is even harder for people to want to do that. You really need to have quality and unique stuff for people want to share it with the world.

4. Comprehensive Versus Simple to Understand
For this, I think you have two ways about it. You could either spend lots of time to write a really comprehensive guide, or a simple guide that gets to the point. At the beginning I have struggled between the two ideas, however I have always geared myself toward the “simple to understand” genre. I use bullet points and I number everything I want to say. I want to make every player who reads my blog understands fast, so that they can go back to the game fast. I am a gamer myself, sometimes I find some guides hard to follow with bunch of fluff. I hated that.

5. Money
Sadly, money is another hardest part about writing for an online game. The virtual world is neverthless deeply connected with the real world. Lots of bonuses and rewards in game can be gained or boosted via real world spending. I personally do not have the resource to do that. My main job is a tiny worker in a retail store. I do not have that spare money to spend in online games. So, most of the time my guide can only be related to the freebie things that you can do in games.

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