SkyBlueRPG October 2010 Adsense Earning Stats

SkyBlueRPG Adsense Money Making Stats (October 2010)
I write about making money from your fansite or blog. However I think it would be more convincing if I could prove that it is possible. Because of Google Adsense’ policy, I will only give a ball park amount of how much that I have made. This dollar amount is only provided as a motivation for new bloggers to start their gaming blog.

I will provide no data such as click value or visitor amount.

SkyBlueRPG was created around August of 2010. Since its inception, it made $19 the month of October 2010. Although it is not a big amount, I do believe that it will grow. What will you do with an additinoal $15 a month? It is almost good enough to pay for subcription fee for some of the online games, or virtual goods that will make your character stronger. I will continue working on my blog and generate content to make it better. I hope this will encourage any of you who is trying to start!

Google adsense has a withdrawal limit of $100 before they will send a check or deposit the fund into your account. When I hit that $100 mark, I will post a screen shot. So keep in touch or follow my blog for my later achievements! I will mention my monthly amount from today on.

Good luck writing about your favorite games or anything. Good luck getting paid by your hard work too! ^^

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