Cityville Crop Farm Goods Ratio and Best Crop Explained:

Cityville Crop Farm Goods Ratio and Best Crop Explained:

Below is a list of the crops currently available in the game of Cityville. You should use this guide to determine which crop is the best to plant for your game play and life style. Good luck in game!

Below is the complete listing of the farmed crops available in Cityville:

Cityville Crop Chart     
Name         Grow In  Price Goods  Ratio  Collection
Strawberries 5 Min     20    15    0.75   50 Coins, 3 EXP
Carrots      8 Hours   46    70    1.52   Gray Bunny
Corn         1 Day     62    110   1.77   White Goat
Eggplant     1 Hour    28    30    1.07   50 Coins, 3 EXP
Watermelon   4 Hours   36    45    1.25   25 Goods, 3 EXP
Cranberries  12 Hours  49    80    1.63   50 Coins, 3 Energy
Pumpkins     18 Hours  52    90    1.73   3 Energy, 3 EXP
Wheat        2.1 Days  71    130   1.83   White Chicken
Peas         3.1 Days  85    155   1.82   Corner Store

Based on this chart, the best crop for leveling up is pumpkin because it grants you additional energy plus the EXP. However, from purely the goods generation point of view, if you have plenty of land space to spare. You should plant Peas, Wheat, or Corn whenver they become available based on your leveling.

You should use this simple chart as a quick reference when you plan your daily routine on when or how to farm in Cityville.

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  1. Did you know that if you place and immediatly sell (so without building) the Corner Store from the Peas Collection, you get 5000 coins? This improves the ratio even more ;-)

  2. the corner stone bug has been fixed last last third week of january. however, the bug on the tower eats is still up. when you put-up a tower eats, don't finish building it, just give it a "BUILD" 5 times and leave it there. then sell it through the remove tool. you'll be given a hefty 10 city cash. not money-wise though as you'll be exchanging one million coins for 10 city cash, but if you need city cash for those costly decorations, it's worth it... i used it to buy tennis court,and now i collect from my tower eats plus 384%