Cityville Best Storage Building Explained

Cityville Best Storage Building Explained
It is important to use your land efficiently in the game of Cityville. This blog post will use simple goods storage space to actual land space ratio to show that Sticks are currently the best goods storage building for noncash users. If cash is used to purchase Cargo shed, then the Cargo shed is the most efficient in game.

Cityville Goods Storage Chart     
Name       Size Land   Price    Storage Storate/Space
Silo       2x2   4     250       100      25.00
Red Barn   4x4   16    1000      415      25.94
Sticks     3x6   18    1125      485      26.94
Cargo Shed 3x3   9     20 Cash   1000     111.11
Note: Although the sticks are better in terms of land use ratio, silos are good too due to its small and flexible size. You can place Silos in between your community buildings for extra storage area. However, you should not build red barns because for one they are bulky and they offer less effeciency than Sticks.

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  1. What about piers? they add 420 storage and hardly take up any LAND (mostly water) area.

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