Complete Guide on Visiting Neighbor’s Town Fast

Complete Guide on Visiting Neighbor’s Town Fast
Below are some tips that you can use when browsing through neighbor’s city’s. If you are a beginner, these are some help tips to help you propel faster in game. These tips are essential if you have a big neighbor list because going through them all will take some time. I personally have over 50 neighbors (and growing) and it takes a a great deal of time already.

1. Do Not Spend Too much Time
Do not spend too much time in neighbor’s city’s. Get in and get out. Before you start, have an idea what you are looking for. Are you looking for goods or for money. Click them fast and move on to the next.

2. Understand the Timing
You have a couple actions that you could do while in neighbor’s town. The timing for the same action is usually stacked, with the exception of “Sending Tourists”. For example, if you harvest 5 times in a row. These harvest actions will begin one after another. However, if you click on different actions, you will be able to exit out the time faster by using all your actions.

3. Look for Empty Franchisable lots
It is very important for you to constantly look for Franchise opportunities earlier in game. It is a lot easier to get into franchise with new players. Because less people are likely to add more empty lots later on. Plan the franchise that you want to do before you start. Always always apply to Franchise because if the player continues playing, you are more likely to get accepted later.

4. Goods Rewards
Actions that reward goods are harvesting crops, and boat collections later on when your neighbor obtains pier

5. Money Rewards
More actions that give you money. Reviving crops, sending touriest, collecting housing rent, chopping down trees, or guiding the boat signs when pier is obtained.

6. Reputation Rewards
It is worth it to continuously leveling up your reputation level. At higher level, you get a decent amount of food per level up. At level 16 reputation level. I get about 350 goods per leveling up. I do not remember the exact amount by the way.

7. Completing Goals
Some goals require you to conduct actions in neighbor’s Cities. Make sure you review them and complete the games. Sometimes when you complete entire set of goal trees, you get pretty nice final rewards. However, most of the intermediate rewards are pretty crappy with little money or goods gain.

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