Cityville Leveling and Building Beginning to End-Game Strategy

Cityville Leveling and Building Beginning to End-Game Strategy
Cityville in my opinion is one of the more elaborate social game on the market today. Upon playing it for a couple of days, I have deduced a strategy progression that most players will have to go through to fully build their cities. Hope these tips will be able to guide you with your cityville building strategies.

I have reached level 22 within about 4 days of playing. I am currently at Farming stage where I am continuously expanding my useable land. If you choose to follow my guide, you will reach high level with efficient city in no time. During all stages, always look for opportunities to spread your reach of franchise. Read about my franchise guide to get more ideas.

1. Beginner Stage
At this stage you are new. You are low on resources, businesses, and housing for anything. During this stage, you should focus on contracting out your own land for outside Franchise while growing crops and visitng friends for goods. Build beginner houses and community buildings as soon as you get the resources. You do this because you will spend zero money to get the businesses that you need to generate money fast. If you have any spare money, visit neighbors to start establish your franchises out.

2. All Franchised Out Stage
You should only stop franchising when any of these two things happen. You either run out of land to build empty lot, or you run out of franchise opportunities. Yes you do have a limit. I do not currently know how much because I am lazy to count. At this stage, you should focus on expanding your City areas by saving money. Consider building more community buildings and houses to boost your population. You should continus pushing your own franchise to other neighbors.

3. Farming Stage
At this stage, you will have a established city with quite a few pieces of land. If you do not play often, consider dedicating 100 farming land areas or more to high producing crops. You want to consistently having more goods to restock your own shops and supply your franchises. Expand more land and housing to unlock next round of businesses.

4. Booming Business Stage
After establishing a steady stream of goods, it is time to boost your own business. Start building the ones that generate high return. Build multiples with them and keep them consisntently restocked. At this time, consider removing some of neighbor’s low paying franchises. Remove less paying franchise such as toy shop or bakeries. Invite in good paying ones. If you have good ones like coffee shops and up lining up. You could even remove relative lower ones such as flower shops.

5. Optimization Stage
This is the tedious stage, at this time you will be focusing on maximizing the usage of your land. Use the funds for decorations that will boost the payout. Use decorations such as aboratum and place them nicely to boost your 5 star good paying franchises. You will focus on getting as much money as possible from the land you have.

6. Mogul End Game Stage
When you reach this level, you will be highest in game. You will consistently have neighbors wowed at your booming city. You should have plenty of farm and pier land. Consistently restock all of your outside franchises. Use the money to replace your houses with higher population ones. This stage has no end to it, you basically just push your limit on how much gold and population that you can achieve.

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