Cityville Business Collections List

Cityville Business Collections List
Cityville’s collections for the business are pretty straight forward. However, there are still some items that can make you think. This simple list is meant for a straight reference that is easy for you to read. Good luck in game!

Name                Collection         Bonus
Bakery              Just Deserts       50 Coins, 3 XP
Flower Kiosk        Garden Collection  Purple Flowers
Coffee Shop         Early Riser        50 Goods, 3 Energy
Toy Store           Game               50 Coins, 3 Energy
Burger Joint        Fast Food          Gray Hen
Video Game Store    Game               50 Coins, 3 Energy
Diner               Comfort Food       Hot Dog Cart
Cosmetics Store     Forever Young      Pink Flowers
Pool Hall           Watering Hall      3 Energy, 3 XP
Bike Shop           Fitness            50 Coins, 3 XP
Shoe Store          Designer           50 Coins, 3 XP
French Restaurant   French Cuisine     Bird Fountain
Sunglasses Store    Designer           50 Coins, 3 XP
Italian Restaurant  
Seafood Restaurant  Surf and Turf      Black Cow
Handbag Store       Designer           50 Coins, 3 XP
Sushi Bar           Asian Cuisine      Japanese Maple Tree
Wedding Store       Bridal             Newly Wed House
Cinema              Silver Screen      Highway Billboard
Tower Eats          Surf and Turf      Black Cow
Corner Store        Convenience Store  Newly Wed House
Tavern              Watering Hall      3 Energy, 3 XP
Tuxedo Rental       Bridal             Newly Wed House

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  1. how about bonus: white chicken ??? which building i can get collection for taking bonus "white chicken" ?

  2. You get white chicken from Wheat collection bonus.
    good luck ^^

  3. thx for ur help a lot ^^

  4. bling-collection is missing 3000 coins jewelleryshop....and thanx very handy :)

  5. I'd like to see a list for collections that we *shouldn't* turn in (at least right away) because items would be needed for goals later. i.e. wheat collection, cinema collection, etc