Never Pay for a Cityville Guide

Never Pay for a Cityville Guide
ou should never pay for a Cityville guide for many reasons. Below I will list out the reasons:

1. Many Free Cityville Guides Around
If you do a simple google search, you could find quite a bit of free information floating around on the net for such a popular game. You should look out for free Cityville guides and strategies before you even consider buying.

2. Cityville Content Updates Frequently
Zynga games does update and balance its games on a regular basis. New businesses, housing, and decorations are always being added that can change the dynamics of game play. By paying for a guide that is only good for now is throwing money away because the game content may change the next day.

3. Paid Guides are Sometimes Scam Articles that are Rushed and Copied
The people who are selling the guides were trying to get their writing on the market as soon as possible. Because of this rush, they end up copying or collecting information from multiple sources. You are better off doing your own research on the net for information.

4. Free Cityville Guides on Forums
Check the official Zynga forums for free tips and strategies. Many active players post their thoughts and strategies on there. Because of this amount of free guides, you should never pay for a Cityville strategy guide.

5. Money Better Spent for Cityville Cash
If you really want to spend money on a guide, I would recommend spending that money to buy Zynga game’s Cityville cash instead. By reading and learning about what items are best, you will get the most bang out of your bucks by paying for them.

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