Get Franchise in Cityville Fast and Easy

Get Franchise in Cityville Fast and Easy
Below are the tips that will create better franchising strategy for your Cityville game play.  These tips will help you plan and get franchised business faster and easier.  Good luck in game!

1. Only Take High Value Franchises
Land is valuable in the game of Cityville. Avoid taking weak and beginner level business such as Bakery or Video Game Store. Learn to reject people’s request if needed. You really should only put quality businesses in your City to make money.

2. Remove Low Value Franchises
If you have added franchises which later you thought do not generate good money for your City. Go ahead and remove those franchised businesses. At later game stage, you would not have enough energy to collect the rents on the lower value franchises. So you might as well remove them.

3. Active Franchise Owners are Better than Nonactive
Check which neighbors are active in supplying your business with goods. Constantly monitoring the status of your businesses. If some owners disappear and you have not heard or seen any activity from them for a while, consider switching their franchise with the ones that are more active. Also take into account the “star level” of the property because the high star ones may be good in helping you getting more money.

4. Rearrange Your Property Spacings
Note that the vacant franchise lot will usually take up more space than the occupied business. If you are expanding your franchise in your own city, constantly monitor the amount of land and spacing between the building. Be ready to readjust your franchises so you can fit more land in your City.

5. Consider Removing Your own Business
Consider removing your own business in your city to make room for franchisers. By having more franchise into your City, you are more likely to build at later stages with lots of outside support. The less goods that you have to provide for yourself, the more money and energy that you will end up saving.

6. Create Many Vacant Lands
Create many vacants lands so that they become easier to see and clicked by your neighbors. The easier that your make their lives to be, the more likely that they will franchise in your City.  You still have to placed the lots that can be franchised.

7. Make Your Vacant Lots Visible
Create easy to be seen zones where your visiting neighbors can see the lots easily. Do not cover the Cityville vacant lots with skyscrapers and etc.

8. Holding the Orders
Once you have the lots ready, consider not building for a day or two. Take in all the offers that you have. Then you could build everything at the same time. This way, you will ensure that all the interested neighbors will apply to franchise in your Cityville city.

9. Share Share Share
Share the story that you want to Franchise. People do check their social feeds for freebies. You are more likely to get some hits and feedbacks only if you do share the Cityville game story.

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