Ways to Get EXP in Cityville

Ways to Get EXP in Cityville
Cityville is a fun game with many ways of getting EXP and leveling up. Below I will teach you the ways of getting EXP currently available in game.

1. Actions Within Your Own City
Most actions that use Energy in your own city will generate EXP. These include – Harvesting, collecting business rent, collecting housing rent, collecting goods from pier, constructing buildings, and chopping down trees. However, these actions DO NOT generaet you exp – Planting crops and restocking shops.

2. You visiting neighbors
You will get some exp once per day for visiting your neighbors. However, you DO NOT get any EXP for tending your neighbor’s city. Instead you will get reputation EXP will can boost your reputation level for goods rewards.

3. Neighbors Visiting Your City
You will get EXP by neighbor tending your city. All of your neighbor’s action in your city will generate EXP for you. This is actually one of the most efficient way of leveling up for yourself because you spend no energy and playing time while your neighbors are helping you.

4. Completing Collections
Some collections will generate exp for you. However, most of these collections are pretty limited with only 3 points of EXP per completion.

5. Completing Goals
Based on my playing experience, only a few goals will provide you with EXP. However, EXP does come by completing goals.

6. Social Feeds
A few social feeds will reward you with EXP points. Constantly monitor the wall and game story status for EXP gaining opportunities.

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