How to Get More Cityville Neighbor

How to Get More Cityville Neighbor
In this guide I will briefly go through all the ways that you can get more Cityville neighbors.

1. Add Friends Yourself
Visit the facebook fan groups and pages. Look for people who are looking for Cityville neighbors with “Add me” spams. Manually add those people one by one. You should be able to get more friends pretty soon. These people are great adds because they are actives who look to get better in game.

2. Post Yourself in Fan Groups and Pages
Post “Add me” spams on facebook so that people will add you and then add you in-game. This method is less powerful and direct because your message will sometimes soon get washed away by new posts. However, if you consistently post once every few hours. You should get quite a bit of new friend requests.

3. Post on Forums
Post yourself and your interest in game on forums. If people can find you, they will add you if they know that you are serious about the game. Post your names and ask people to add you in game.

4. Add friend’s friends.
Post on your own wall that you are playing the game. Ask for people to refer you to the friends that they have. It is more fun to make more friends while playing the Cityville social game.

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