Ways to Get Goods in Cityville

Ways to Get Goods in Cityville
Cityville is a great game which goods are one of the main resources. Goods are vital to keep your business going and supply of your franchisee businesses in neighbor’s Cities. Below I will go over the main ways of obtaining goods which can be used.

1. Farming
Farming is one of the most basic yet powerful way of getting plenty of goods. When you are just starting, I recommend using less growth items such as pumpkin and watermelon. However, as you level up higher and hold more land under your belt, you should go for the greated growth length crop for the maximum goods return per energy.

2. Pier
At higher level upon the completion of some goals, you will obtain the ability to construct piers. There are some units that can generate goods for you. However, in terms of energy ratio, I personally like farming more than pier buildings.

3. Collections
You will be able to get some goods depending on the collection bonuses.

4. Franchise
Your neighbors can supply your City with goods directly related to your Franchise. This is another reason why you should only accept higher level franchises at higher level because of the greater payout and goods gain.

5. Social Feeds
Once in a while you will stumble on friends who have completed goals. These feeds can provide you with goods bonuses that can be used in your own cityville.

6. Tending Neighbor’s City
The goods that you can obtain from neighbor’s city is limited to 15 goods per action. You can get goods via farms or pier buildings.

7. Train Trading
You can obtain goods by using train to do trading. However, because it is quite limited in getting huge quantities of goods, this is not really a good way to get goods. Yet, this method can always be used if you constantly have goods shortage.

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