Legend of Edda Online Guide Collection

Legend of Edda Online Guide Collection

Here are a list of all the articles that I have written for the Legend of Edda Online hosted by GameCampus. I will continue to write more articles relate to the game. If you like the information that I have provided.

Please feel free to repost and forward my guides to anywhere you may see fit, such as forums, etc. However, please link back to my blog as source.

Legend of Edda News
Legend of Edda Opening Beta Starts Oct 14!

Legend of Edda Introductory Guide

Legend of Edda Player Class Introductions

Equipment Enhancement Guide
Legend of Edda Simple Item Strengthen Guide

Legend of Edda Simple Craft Guide

Legend of Edda Simple Dissemble Guide


  1. Thanks a lot for these. It's a little overwhelming starting this game, and the official website doesn't have a lot. This helped a bunch!

  2. Cool stuff, thanks for putting these guides up!

  3. Its neat and all, but it would help if you actually tell where to get stuff like weapon blueprints, dissembling kits, etc. Cause I'm having a hard time finding them and I just started the game.