Legend of Edda Simple Craft Guide

Legend of Edda Simple Craft Guide

This guide will teach you the basic of getting started with crafting in Legend of Edda. I have included simple and straight forward walkthrough that will help you with the crafting process. For in-game pictures, you could visit jinx_222’s forum post Guide: Item Crafting

For general tips about crafting in MMORPG in general, you could consider reading my generic tips How to Craft In Your MMORPG Fast, Simple, Easy, and Efficient. Although, most of the tips have will be restated here in this guide, it may still help you in your other MMORPG adventures.

Below are the steps to get started with crafting in Legend of Edda:

1. Visit a Local Anvil
Your first step before your craft is to know the locations of the Anvils in town. Anvils can be used both for crafting items, strengthening items, and finally dissemble them.

2. Obtain the List of Materials
Check the list of items on which you want to craft. Write down the necessary materials for the specific items; do not forget to note the number of items necessary as well. Make sure that you get the exact spelling or grade correctly so you do not waste your efforts later on during the collection process.

3. Collect the Materials via Harvest
Collect the following items via harvest. There are two types of materials that you can harvest on maps, Plant and Ores. Plants are glowing plants shown on maps. Ores are glowing rock piles shown on maps. The names differ based on the different materials that will come out of the harvest.

4. Collect the Materials via Killing Mobs
Collect the following materials via killing mobs: Leather, wool, and food stuffs. Various animal mobs drop different grades of leather and wool. And some mobs drop food materials that can be used for cooking or drinking craft. Again, you should make sure that you have the correct grade of items when it comes to crafting. They must match the grade from the list of materials that you have obtained in Step 2.

5. Go back to the Anvil
Once you have collected all the necessary materials to craft. Head back to the anvil. Again select the item that you wish to craft and craft away! You should have your desired equipment shortly.

Bonus: Craft Items Worth Noting
Consider crafting these two items which can help you during wars against other players:
a. Leather Kits: Increase your defense for a short time ~ 5 minutes
b. Bandages: Instant heal which can be used in combat

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