Craft In Your MMORPG Fast, Simple, Easy, and Efficient

How to Craft In Your MMORPG Fast, Simple, Easy, and Efficient

Crafting in mmorpg is common nowadays such that you can get the majority of your equipment through in-game synthesis. Although the top of the line equips are still dropped by dungeon and world bosses most of the time, you can still get pretty decent equipments by crafting your equipment the DIY way.
This blog article will teach you some of the common mistakes that beginners make, as well as how you can make your MMORPG life far easier and achievce your in-game crafting goals faster.

1. Obtain the List of Crafting Materials
This step is pretty basic, yet most players make these mistakes from time to time. The first thing before you craft is to know the materials that you need. You could either write the list down via in-game crafting person, or find them off fansites. If you do get those from fan sites, you could print them out first and verify in game in case that the fansite host made a typo. You want to get the full and accurate list so you do not waste time in getting the materials.

2. Double Check the Spelling and Grade of Materials
Sometimes crafting materials get a little tricky when the game has different grades of materials. For example, a game might ask you Gemstone A as a part of the crafting material, however your Gemstone B will not work. Make sure that you have the spelling and the grade of items correct is the best way to avoid running back and forth between the blacksmith and your storage.

3. Collect 2 Attempts or more worth of Materials
Depending on the game that you are playing, sometimes you would craft multiple times to get the desired results. If the items are not that hard to collect, and the distance between the hunting area and town is far, consider collecting more than 2 sets worth of attempts to save your time from running back and forth.

4. Trade with Friends and Guilds for Materials
Make good friends and network with the players that you play with. Sometimes you may have materials that other people need, and vice versa. It can help you tremendously if you can trade materials with your friends often, this can save you time before attempting your crafting chances.

5. Research Ways to Improve Your Chances and Protection against Item Breakage
Most of the MMORPG allows players to boost their percentage when it comes to crafting or upgrading. See if there are any specific character stats or skills that can help you with the crafting. In addition, many online games offer items (typically Cash Shop) that can protect your equipments from breaking when the attempt fails. You should make good use of those items if you are taking the game seriously.

6. Do some Math
Calculate if it is worthwhile for you to take the chance at all when it comes to crafting. Will you make more money by selling the materials and buy the finished products? Typically the answer is yes if you are looking for average equipments. Typically the top of the line players will buy many materials to continue crafting and upgrading until they get the top tier equipments. However, these players often sell off their average stats of the succeeded equipment at a discount. If you are simply having fun with the game and not too serious to be leet, consider this method of selling the raw materials instead.

7. Avoid Waste of Time in Transit
You should do everything that you can to lower the amount of time wasted running back and forth between your storage and the crafting NPC. Check if you have all the items. Check if your bag is full. Get multiple sets of crafting materials. The more time that you save doing administrative things, the more time that you have to level, grind, and hunt more in your online game.

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